Caring for a Loved One Through Guardianship in New York

Guardianship planning concept: a small child holding hand of an adultIn the event an individual is unable to manage his/her own affairs and advance directives have not been completed, Amoruso & Amoruso LLP advises clients regarding all aspects of legal guardianship proceedings.

The guardianship process requires the filing of court documents, the appointment of a Court Evaluator for the purpose of reporting to the court its recommendation regarding the need for the appointment of a guardian, attendance and presentation of evidence at a court hearing, and the post-appointment filing of court documents.

Children and other relatives, such as nieces, nephews and cousins, frequently consult us about their legal rights and obligations when a guardian proceeding is commenced either by the Department of Social Services or another family member. In many cases, the children and other relatives live out of state, making it extremely difficult to participate in the guardianship process. We fill this void by attending all hearings scheduled by the court and filing legal papers with the court outlining our client’s position regarding the need for the appointment of a guardian, who the appointed guardian should be, the development of a care plan for the ward, and the development of a plan for the management of the ward’s assets.

If you are faced with a guardianship proceeding, we invite you to contact us for a consultation to discuss your particular situation. We serve clients throughout Westchester County, White Plains, NY, Greenwich, CT and the New York metro area.

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