Michael is fortunate to have been paired with several amazing Seeing Eye dogs over the years. Here, Michael shares a glimpse into each dog’s unique personality and is honored to add these dogs to our “Page of Fame.”


Nicknamed “Forbzy” for his “one of the boys” playful spirit hiding under a stoic proud and confident presence. Forbes is my largest dog and the strongest spirit. We have been partners since January 2022, and he has already traveled across the United States multiple times and tackled a variety of different environments. He is exceptionally bright and loves his life/work balance. He has the potential to be the “Platinum Standard,” and I look forward to many more years of working with him.


Nicknamed “Little Guy” for his size yet massive playful heart for a German Shepherd. Inu was so eager to please that he put all his force into working each and every day. He deserved playing so much from his hard work that he earned an early retirement.


Nicknamed “Big D” for his size and gentle spirit for a German Shepherd. Demitri was my “Gold Standard” partner against whom every future dog will be measured. He saved my life every day as we traveled through over 38 states together. He was the epitome of a working professional who took pride in his work. Demitri’s work was highlighted by navigating the halls of the White House and enjoying some play time with then-Vice President Biden. He absolutely loved playing fetch on the beach and jumping in the waves.


Nicknamed “Buddy Boy,” Warren was the dream dog for my first Seeing Eye Dog. He was a stellar black Labrador Retriever who lit up our world with his whole-body wag. Because he was my first dog, I often refer to him as my guide dog “with training wheels,” as he prepared me to handle all my future dogs. Warren enjoyed traveling across the United States with me.