Our Credentials and Involvement

With nearly 60 combined years of law practice, Michael Amoruso and Sreelekha Chakrabarty Amoruso have solid expertise in estate planning and elder law matters. They are involved in law, community, and business organizations including:

Michael Amoruso, Past President, CAP, & Fellow
Westchester County Bar Association Elder Law Committee
Michael Amoruso, Past Chair
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New York State Bar Elder Law Section
Michael Amoruso, Past Chair
Columbian Lawyers Logo
Columbian Lawyers Association of Westchester County
Michael Amoruso, Past President
Michael Amoruso, Board of Directors
Michael Amoruso, Board of Trustees
Michael Amoruso, Founding Principal
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Among Michael and Sreelekha’s awards and legal recognition:

The Best Lawyers in America Logo
Best Lawyers in America
super lawyers logo
Super Lawyers
AV Logo
The Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating
Avvo logo
Avvo 10.0 Rating for Estate Planning

In addition, Michael Amoruso hosts the Elder Care on the AirTM radio show, which focuses on empowering listeners to navigate life’s challenges as they and their family members age by providing educational resources in the elder care and special needs spaces.

Meet Our Team

Our attorneys and support staff will guide you on your journey to building and maintaining the ideal comprehensive estate plan for you and your family.

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Michael J. Amoruso, Esq.
Managing Partner
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Sreelekha Chakrabarty Amoruso, Esq.
Team Members
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Paula Cirelli
Legal Assistant/Office Manager
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Why You Should Schedule a Consultation with Us

Why You Should Schedule a Consultation with Us

As counselors at law, we at Amoruso & Amoruso LLP put the emphasis on the “counselor” title. It’s a designation we take seriously, and a consultation is the best arena for counseling clients.

Our attorneys help clients identify hot-button issues they may have and address them. For example, are you hesitant about passing your assets on to loved ones upon death? Are there conflicts about what would happen to these assets when a child or a spouse gets them? What’s the true root cause of your stress? Or, if there are complicated family dynamics, is a charitable cause the better recipient?

Another scenario we often encounter involves reviewing a current estate plan that may not meet a client’s intended objectives. If you’re wondering whether your current estate plan really works as you intended when you created it, allow Amoruso & Amoruso LLP to give it a thorough review. We’ll identify any areas that could use revisions or corrections and advise you on options for making it better based on your individual goals. Be assured that, if no changes are needed, we will tell you and you will have the peace of mind that your plan accomplishes your objectives.

Many people become our clients because they filled out an online boilerplate form for their estate plan but later discover possible deficiencies. We closely examine these documents and give thorough, meaningful advice on what needs clarification, improvement, or revision.

By counseling clients, we help them work through their questions, concerns, and goals to devise a comprehensive estate plan. We use our legal expertise and experience in estate planning, elder law, and asset protection to craft solutions for clients’ futures.


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Protect Your Special Loved One Today and Tomorrow

The Power of a Comprehensive Estate Plan

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At Amoruso & Amoruso LLP, we believe it’s not enough to just have a piece of paper saying who in your family gets what. Your loved ones could be faced with more challenging matters that a will simply won’t cover. How or what family members inherit and what roles they play could change the family dynamic forever — and not for the best. That’s why our attorneys are recognized as leaders in comprehensive estate planning.

A comprehensive estate plan brings together the tools and strategies of estate planning, elder law, long-term care planning, asset protection, tax planning, and more into a customized, holistic arrangement. This approach creates a flexible plan that ages as you age in contrast to a static approach that only works for a limited period of time. As a result, your concerns and wishes are upheld and respected when you become incapacitated, can no longer care for yourself, or pass away.

When our attorneys meet with you, we will take the time to assess your situation so that we may fully understand you and your needs. We want to know your concerns and goals for the future. We’ll ask you about what matters to you and your family. Then, we will use our extensive legal experience to determine the best methods to preserve your estate for your enjoyment today and that of your loved ones after you are gone.

Your comprehensive estate plan will cover many of the following areas:

Thousands of satisfied clients throughout New York and Connecticut can attest to our quality and thoroughness in creating and implementing a robust plan. Whatever their future may hold, we make sure everything is accounted for.

Estate Planning Is an Investment

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What about the cost of estate planning, elder law, and asset protection service? We understand concerns you may have about spending money on something that won’t pay off, so to speak, until much later in life. Even the wealthiest people are cost-conscious and want to be sure what they put their dollars into makes sense.

But comprehensive estate planning is a decision that shouldn’t be based on the money you spend today. It’s about whether your spending will allow a solid, secure plan to age with you.

Are you more concerned with finding a bargain deal on a static, non-adjustable estate plan — one that, in three years, may need to be redone from the ground up? That route might save you money in the short term but could cause strife in the long term. Will you have the flexibility to adjust for what you and your family will need?

At Amoruso & Amoruso LLP, we emphasize how much a comprehensive estate plan is an investment. Like investing in anything financially oriented, our lawyers want to ensure you are covered for all possibilities. You can trust our experience in innovative estate planning techniques, so that what you spend today really will bring dividends many tomorrows from now.

What to Expect When You Turn to Us

Whether you’re starting with an estate plan from the ground up or you’d like for us to review a plan someone else made for you, we want you to feel comfortable with us at every step. We encourage you to start by learning more about Michael Amoruso and Sreelekha Chakrabarty Amoruso’s qualifications, credentials, and experience.

Here’s how things will go from the moment you reach out to us.

I. Your Initial Contact

When you first call us or fill out our intake form, your inquiry will be answered promptly by a member of our caring team, who will determine whether we can be of service to you. If so, we may schedule a five-minute courtesy call with one of our attorneys to further understand your case. The attorney will then decide if you would benefit from an initial consultation, which can be held virtually via Zoom, in person at our office, or by telephone.

II. Provide Some Basic Information

Before your initial consultation, we will ask you to complete a comprehensive estate planning intake form. We may ask you to also send us copies of other important documents. An attorney will review all of this information before your consultation. While we do charge an initial consultation fee, that fee is waived if you retain our firm.

III. We Give You the Floor

When you come to Amoruso & Amoruso LLP, we want you to tell us why you’re here. What keeps you up at night? The more you let us know about your situation and what you’d like it to be as you get older, the better we can counsel you on your best options.

IV. Ask About the Process

As we talk more, ask us questions about the route to your comprehensive estate plan. We believe the only way for you to fully understand your plan is for you to be fully engaged in the process.

V. Explore Your Options

There are so many variations within comprehensive estate planning, and every person has different needs. We will discuss recommended options based on your situation and help you decide which one best meets your needs.

VI. Understand the Fee Arrangement

You will receive a detailed fee sheet or retainer agreement for your review before any work is commenced. You will then review and approve a fee schedule, sign an engagement letter, and pay the agreed-upon fee. All of our costs are laid out in advance, and there will be no surprise fees.

VII. Plan Design and Review

Your attorney will then design a comprehensive, customized plan to address your concerns and achieve your goals. Together we will review the plan and related documents, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and make changes to your plan.

VIII. Signing Meeting

After you have reviewed and approved your documents, we will schedule an in-person signing meeting. You will receive originals and one copy of your documents follow. We also can provide PDFs at your request. Detailed funding instructions and information for your accountant also will be included with your original documents. We will keep secure digital copies of all your documents, which we can provide to you at any time at no additional cost.

IX. Trust Maintenance

One of the services we offer is a maintenance program for both living (revocable) and irrevocable trusts. This cost-effective program offers you several hours of phone calls and emails throughout the year without the need for individual task-based billing. It is part of our commitment to keeping your plan up-to-date and serving as your “Counselors for Life.”

Serving Clients Across New York and Connecticut

Amoruso & Amoruso LLP will help you make the right choices about protecting your estate, planning for your long-term care needs, preserving your assets for your loved ones, and bringing you peace of mind. We serve individuals and families in the following regions:

We believe that preparing a well-drafted comprehensive estate plan is vital to protecting and honoring your wishes, your future, and your legacy. To learn more about how our holistic approach to estate planning can benefit you and your family, contact Amoruso & Amoruso LLP today.

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