Strategic Tax Planning for Upcoming Changes

Tax planning is an essential component of estate planning. The right strategies can save money and avoid future tax problems. With tax laws set to change soon, planning ahead and working with an experienced New York estate planning attorney will let you take advantage of current benefits before they disappear.  How Tax Changes Can Affect […]

Estate Planning Actions to Consider Before End of Year

Estate planning should be an ongoing process. As your situation changes, your estate plan must also change to account for new circumstances, needs, and goals. If it’s been a while since you last reviewed your estate plan, here are some estate plan updates to consider making before the end of the year. Why Should I […]

Why Should I Review My Estate Plan Every Year

Once you create your estate plan, you shouldn’t stick it in a drawer or safety deposit box until you pass away. Your estate plan should evolve as you do. It needs to change as your circumstances or laws change. Otherwise, it could lead to unnecessary conflicts once you are gone.   Why Should I Review My […]

Inheritance and Gift Tax Exemptions 2024-2025

Inheritance and gift tax exemptions determine how much wealth you can pass on without incurring significant taxes. These exemptions can change, so staying up-to-date on the latest federal and New York tax laws could mean saving substantial money in estate and gift taxes.  What are the Current Federal Estate and Gift Tax Exemptions? As of […]