Giving to charity

“Paul Allen intended to give away the majority of the $20 billion-plus fortune he accumulated as Microsoft co-founder, technology investor, real estate magnate and NFL and NBA team owner.” It’s been a little more than a year since billionaire Paul Allen’s passing, but the course he charted to give away his fortune remains a private […]

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“No good estate plan can afford to ignore the other assets, the ones called ‘illiquid.’ That category includes anything that can’t readily be converted to cash, in a regulated market with readily determined prices.” Many people are focused on their traditional assets that generate monthly statements, like bank and investment accounts, stocks and mutual funds. […]

man assisting a woman on a wheelchair

“Linda Smyth has spent more than 20 years fighting her way through a complicated maze of paperwork, assessments and denials in the attempt to secure services for her son, who is on the autism spectrum.” Working to get her son assessed to qualify for support programs, fighting to get benefits and finding therapists became a […]

Family Pulling Party Favors During Christmas Dinner

“It’s a common occurrence. Far flung family members return home to visit elderly relatives for the holidays. Upon arrival, they notice that things seem … off. A look in the refrigerator finds expired foods and an elderly relative is asking the same questions repeatedly. The same person who would never let you walk into the […]

Happy Senior Couple

“The disadvantages of do-it-yourself elder law estate planning are costly errors, omissions and neglecting protections.” What usually happens when people do their own estate planning or work on elder law issues, without a lawyer who has years of practice? They may not incur the costs on the front end, but the costs, in financial and […]

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“No longer staid and boring, retirement homes offer dynamic options for seniors. Retirement communities are continually improving, by keeping seniors active with mental and physical exercises, while intertwining independent living and hands-on care.” At some point in life, many people face the decision of moving into a retirement home or welcoming in-home care. Living in […]

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“Planning for your farm’s future has never been more urgent. With one-third of United States farmers older than age 65, it’s estimated that 70% of farmland will change hands in the next 15 years.” Have you figured out who will take over the family farm? Are you or your parents prepared to transition the farm […]

Family Pulling Party Favors During Christmas Dinner

“As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s meaningful to reflect on the origin of the holiday–Native Americans and pilgrims sharing their bounty of food with each other. As you gather with your loved ones this year, perhaps you can think of ways to share not only your dinner, but also your financial bounty.” For many families, the holiday […]

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“The personal representative (formerly executor) of the deceased’s estate may be responsible for filing a number of tax returns.” When a person dies, their assets are gathered, their debts are paid, business affairs are settled and assets are distributed, as directed by their will. If there is no will, the intestate laws of their state […]

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“It’s been a big year for 50th birthdays. From Jennifer Aniston and JLo to Matthew McConaughey and Sean Coombs, it seems like everyone is having a milestone birthday in 2019. However, this isn’t really a big surprise, when you consider that in the Generation X (1965-1980) cohort, 1969 was one of the largest birth years.” […]