extended family

Taking care of your family after you are gone requires good planning.

The Gazette recently published an article “Take care of your family with a good estate plan,” which points out that it is not easy to build wealth and passing on your assets to your family can also be difficult, especially because a good estate plan will most likely require a careful choice of a good attorney.

The article points out that the first step in getting a good estate plan and protecting your family is to hire a good estate planning attorney. Do not be tempted to create your own plan. The attorney will do a much better job of protecting your family than you can do in this instance.

Next, think about the assets you have, how you would like everything divided up after you pass away, and who you would like to be in charge of making sure everything is distributed according to your plan.

Once you have that knowledge, take it to the estate planning attorney. Let the attorney work with you to come up with the best way to implement your wishes.

A good estate planning attorney can not only guide you in the creation of a good estate plan but match your specific needs to the many different options available.

Reference: The Gazette (Aug. 14, 2016) “Take care of your family with a good estate plan

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