Wills trusts and estates covered

Wills are often dry, technical documents. However, they can be beautiful things.

Wills can be beautiful, if done correctly and for the best intentions, according to Nasdaq in “A Will Can Be a Beautiful Thing.”

The potential beauty of a will is not in the actual words themselves.

That much should be obvious, because most wills are, in  fact, dry, technical and boring legal documents to read. They often contain formal required language that does not change very much from will to will.

The true beauty of a will is in what lies behind the words.

A will, at its best, tells how a person wants his or her loved ones to be taken care after the person passes away.

It is an expression of caring and love.

A will shows that we have carefully thought about what will happen to the people we love, after we pass away.

That can be a beautiful thing, even if the language itself is dry and boring.

An estate planning attorney can guide you in creating an estate plan that may be dry and technical, but takes care of your loved ones.

Reference: Nasdaq (April 10, 2017) “A Will Can Be a Beautiful Thing.”

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