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Setting up a trust takes work, effort and time but the results can solve a lot of problems.

Creating a trust can be time-consuming but the efforts almost always pay off as reported in the Green Bay Press-Gazette article “Setting up a trust is worth the work.”

The two biggest advantages to a trust are that the trust makes it easier for you to control how your assets are used and distributed after you pass away. Moreover, a trust is much easier for your heirs to deal with after you pass away versus going through probate to sort out a will.

There are other advantages as well, such as keeping the details of your estate unavailable to the general public.

Even though a trust does take more effort to create than a will, the truth is that most of that effort can and should be done by an estate planning attorney. The attorney can make sure everything is set up properly and can normally assist in transferring assets into the trust.

An estate planning attorney can guide you through the process that will bring you the best estate plan possible.

Reference: Green Bay Press-Gazette (Aug. 29, 2016) “Setting up a trust is worth the work

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