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Entering a nursing home can be frightening, but having asked the right questions can reduce the stress.

There are appropriate questions to ask a prospective nursing home that can make it less scary, according to Next Avenue in “18 Questions to Ask Any Nursing Home.”

Nursing homes come in all sorts of varieties with different levels of care and interactions between staff and residents. It is important that the nursing home you choose is the right one for you and 18 questions can help with the right answers.

While the questions to ask are too numerous to list here, it is important to understand that the most fundamental questions are not about cost, although that is important. Instead, the most important questions to ask are about how patients live, what activities are available to patients, and how staff helps patients with those activities.

The answers to those questions are what truly determine what quality of life will be like in a nursing home and how happy you or a loved one might be there as a resident.

Reference: Next Avenue (March 15, 2017) “18 Questions to Ask Any Nursing Home.”

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