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A dying man left money in his will as a surprise for his best mates, so they could go on a boozy holiday together.

Roger Brown of Swansea, England recently died of prostate cancer at the age of 67. It came as a surprise to his friends that Brown left them a small sum of money with directions that they use it to go on a trip together to a European city and have drinks there on him.

You see, Brown had visited the same pub for over 40 years and drank there with the same group of people.

They all became close friends.

The Daily Star reported the story in an article titled “Cheers: Dead man buys last round for best mates by leaving surprise money in his will.”

This small bequest was perfectly tailored for what the men did together.

It gave an appropriate way for Brown’s friends to remember him.

You could do something similar in your estate plan by leaving something to people that you are close to. That does not mean that you have to leave your friends money to buy beer. You should leave something appropriate for what you and your friends do together.

When making your estate plan, keep in mind that you do not have to just give everything to your family. You can also give small sums to others who have touched your life.

Contact an experienced estate planning attorney for ways to put your ideas into proper legal form.

Reference: Daily Star (May 6, 2015) “Cheers: Dead man buys last round for best mates by leaving surprise money in his will.”

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