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As the Baby Boom generation ages and begins to require assistance from their own children, they discover that their children are already busy giving assistance to their own children. Many of the generation caught in-between now find themselves “sandwiched.”

The author of an article recently featured in the Washington Post explains how the Baby Boomers’ children, known as the “Sandwich Generation,” face considerable stress as they take care of their parents and their own children leaving little time for themselves.

The article entitled “How to cope with caring for baby boomer parents while raising small children” discusses how these children of the Baby Boomers need to take the time for themselves and create good support networks.

The author also offers practical advice for Baby Boomers who do not want their children to face such a high burden. Baby Boomer parents can and should plan ahead for what will happen when and if they become disabled or sick and can no longer take care of themselves.

For example, things will go much easier for their children if the Baby Boomer parents have already implemented powers of attorney, have set aside enough money for retirement, have gotten good long-term care insurance, have looked into Medicare rules and much more.

An estate planning attorney would be helpful for the Baby Boomer parents to plan for their later years.

Reference: Washington Post (Feb. 17, 2016) “How to cope with caring for baby boomer parents while raising small children.”

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