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There’s never a good or easy time to talk with older parents about their finances and estate plans. But taking advantage of a relaxing moment –well before problems arise – can improve the odds of success.

If you are heading out for vacation with your elderly loves ones, you may picture some relaxing time by the pool as opposed to a deep conversation about estate planning and finances. But when is a good time to bring up those touchy topics? Having “the talk” while you are unwinding from the daily grind can be a good way to have an honest moment about where your family is with their estate plans.

So, how do you get the conversation going? How do you initiate “the talk”?

Actually, every family and family dynamic is different. It really is more of an art than a science. Two recent sources of guidance come to us from The Wall Street Journal in an article titled Have ‘The Talk’ With Mom and Dad About Their Finances, and from MarketWatch in an article titled Estate planning at the beach house.”

Both articles stress the need for respecting the dignity of aging parents and going slowly. In addition, talking about one’s own morbidity and mortality is not on anyone’s “top ten topics” for casual conversation.

It is difficult enough aging, let alone realizing that your own children are “parenting” you. Nevertheless, one of the best and least threatening conversation “starters” is to share with your parents what you have done in your own estate planning and why. Be transparent with your parents.

One conversation is often not enough; you have to keep the talk moving and ensure that everyone is on the same page and plans have been made.


Mr. Amoruso concentrates his practice on Elder Law, Comprehensive Estate Planning, Asset Preservation, Estate Administration and Guardianship.