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Flexibility can lead to the creation of a better legacy than anticipated.

When people go to an estate planning attorney, they sometimes already have a good idea regarding what they want to accomplish with their estate plans. That is often a good thing.

If a person is flexible and willing to consider options, it is possible to leave a good estate plan that benefits themselves as well as their families, according to Financial Advisor in “All You Can’t Leave Behind.”

When people are willing to consider different methods of distributing their estate, they have an opportunity to change their legacy. A legacy is more than what people give to others in their estate. It is also how others remember them.

Different methods of estate planning can change how people are remembered. Even something as simple as using a trust can create the opportunity for a much different legacy. Trusts can be constructed with all kinds of different legacy changing provisions.

If you have an open mind, it is possible a meeting with your estate planning attorney can result in protecting your assets for your beneficiaries and creating an estate plan that fits your unique circumstances.

Reference: Financial Advisor (May 1, 2018) “All You Can’t Leave Behind.”

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