Holding Hands with Elderly Patient

When a loved one passes away grief and responsibilities can raise stress levels.

Even the most organized person will have problems dealing with the death of a loved one and handling the deceased’s affair at the same time as the Cape May County Herald discusses in “What to Do When a Family Member or Loved One Dies.”

Some things you need to do are just common sense. For example, you must make sure everything is safe and secure at the home, that any pets are taken care of and that any perishable food items are cleaned out of the refrigerator and pantry.

You should also take some financial steps.

It is important that you log any expenses you have while dealing with the clean up so you can be reimbursed from the estate. You should also be certain to locate any credit cards or check books to make sure they are secure. It is illegal for you or anyone else to use the cards or checks, so destroy them.

An estate planning attorney can help guide you in dealing with the problems that arise when a loved one passes away.

Reference: Cape May County Herald (Oct. 31, 2016) “What to Do When a Family Member or Loved One Dies.”

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