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People will often talk all around the subject. However, sooner or later they ask the question about the need for an estate plan.

It does seem that sooner or later everyone asks the same question, “Do I need to have an estate plan?” The answer is always the same, “Yes,” according to the Casper Star Tribune in “Estate planning is for everyone,” is “Yes.”

Everyone really does need an estate plan. It does not matter how much money a person has. It does not matter whether a person has any other family members. It does not matter if the only thing the caller has is the proverbial dime to put in a pay phone to make the call. The answer is “Yes”, because everyone deserves to have a say in how anything they do have will be distributed to others after they pass away.

The way to do that is by getting an estate plan.

The way to get an estate plan is to get advice from an estate planning attorney about creating an estate plan that fits your unique circumstances.

Reference: Casper Star Tribune (June 30, 2017) “Estate planning is for everyone.

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