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If you don’t have an estate plan, someone else starts making the decisions. Yet many still wait and wait and wait.

People are aware that someone else makes the decisions about your estate if you don’t have an estate plan. About half of Americans put it off and never get around to it, as the Sabetha Herald recently discussed in “Procrastination Factor — Why we avoid any estate planning.”

The biggest reason is that many people would prefer not to think about their own deaths. To begin the estate planning process you need to contemplate a time when you will no longer be alive and that is an uncomfortable thing to think about. Another big reason is that family members often discourage people from estate planning. They would rather not think about a time when their loved ones will no longer be around.

The problem is that death is unavoidable.

You should not let uncomfortable thoughts stop you from taking the necessary steps to prepare your estate planning document.

An estate planning attorney can guide you through the process that fits your needs before it is too late.

Reference: Sabetha Herald (Nov. 14, 2016) “Procrastination Factor — Why we avoid any estate planning.”

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