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An estate sale can sometimes be the answer to dealing with “stuff” but it can be emotionally draining.

WCPO Cincinnati recently published an article on dealing with the emotional difficulties of holding an estate sale in “4 tips for dealing with the emotional side of estate sale planning.”

Dealing with all of the items that people who inherit another person’s estate can be difficult since there can be a lot of “stuff” the deceased collected over the course of a life time. The people who inherit the estate might not even have room to store all of the stuff. A lot of today’s heirs already have a full house of their own stuff.

In these cases one of the best courses of action is to hold an estate sale, but it can be emotionally trying to sell off a loved one’s possessions.

The article’s advice includes:

  • You do not have to do everything alone. Get friends and family members to help you sort through things. Estate planning attorneys and estate sale services can also offer advice and support.
  • Understand that grief might come over you at unexpected moments. When that happens, try to stay positive and lean on your friends and family for support.
  • Take your time planning and preparing for the estate sale. You do not have to do everything immediately. Hold the sale when you are ready to do so, not before.
  • Hiring an estate sale service is a great way to make the sale easier. The service can take a lot of the pressure off of you.

An estate planning attorney can be helpful in handling this situation.

Reference: WCPO Cincinnati (May 9, 2016) “4 tips for dealing with the emotional side of estate sale planning.”

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