Wills trusts and estates covered

We may be the richest nation in the world but do things seem to be going right?

Many of us may feel powerless to change things around us whether it is politics, terrorists, protesters or the economy. However, perhaps we all can do something to make things better with our estate plans, according to the Rockford Register Star in “Leaving your heirs true and lasting wealth.”

The idea is actually an ancient Jewish one.

Your estate plan does not just have to be a plan to distribute your wealth. You can also leave your family with an ethical will.

This type of will simply tells your heirs how they should live and what types of moral decisions they should make.

It lets you tell future generations what your values are and how you would like them to be carried out.

Reference: Rockford Register Star (August 11, 2017) “Leaving your heirs true and lasting wealth.”

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