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Grandson takes issue with Manson’s friend and fan who claims he holds killer’s will.

While it would appear that there would be little interest in the estate of cult leader and murderer Charles Manson, a fight is developing, according to TMZ in “Charles Manson Grandson Files Probate Docs Manson’s Body Still on Ice.”

A fan and friend of Manson’s named Michael Channels claims to have a will that Manson drafted designating Channels as the executor of the estate and as Manson’s sole heir. Channels has previously vowed to fight anyone who challenges his claim.

Manson grandson Jason Freeman has accepted that challenge.

Freeman filed documents with the probate court requesting that a person of his choosing be appointed to administer Manson’s estate. The two are also fighting over how to dispose of Manson’s remains. His body remains in storage, until the court can determine which of the two men should be given possession of it for disposal.

Reference: TMZ (Dec. 8, 2017) “Charles Manson Grandson Files Probate Docs Manson’s Body Still on Ice.”

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