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People in advanced countries may be approaching the top line of lifespan because of biological factors.

The lifespan of humans has increased through the years because of medical advancements but we may now be reaching our biological limitations, according to an article in the GuardianHuman lifespan has hit its natural limit, research suggests.”

While Americans benefit greatly from the advances it has put a strain on many of our important services for the elderly. Medical care for the elderly can be very expensive and that has increased the cost of Medicare. Social Security and other safety nets are stressed as a result.

It appears biological factors limit the human lifespan to somewhere around 115 years even when people are given the best possible healthcare. If this research holds up to scrutiny, it should assist with planning when it comes to paying for Medicare and Social Security.

Of course, there are some researchers who are looking into ways to overcome the biological obstacles and extend human life even longer. So far, they have not been successful.

Reference: Guardian (Oct. 5, 2016) “Human lifespan has hit its natural limit, research suggests.”

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