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Even though their offspring may not want to think of it, the elderly may be sexually active and need proper protection.

The unwillingness of offspring to consider that their elderly relatives may be sexually active can cause some problems, according to USA Today in “Yes, your grandmother is having sex.”

One of the biggest problems is that elderly people are getting sexually transmitted diseases at increasingly alarming rates.

One of the reasons appears to be that elderly people are far less likely to use condoms than younger people. Some of that might be the result of nursing home policies that often tend to be completely silent on issues of resident sexual activity and thus do not make protection available.

Many elderly people also think condoms are for preventing pregnancy not for preventing the transmission of diseases.

Elder law advocates need to address this issue and insist that nursing homes write appropriate sexual activity policies. Families should also be mindful of this important issue.

Reference: USA Today (April 12, 2017) “Yes, your grandmother is having sex.”

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