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Estate planning is a lifetime process. Changes in the law, your finances or family circumstances mean that it’s time for a review.

Whenever you have a significant change in your life circumstances, you should come back in and review your estate plan. Remember, estate planning is not a once-and-done transaction, but a lifetime process. However, what are some of the “significant” changes that could impact your plan and require a review and/or update?

While it is impossible to list all possible significant changes, Forbes recently listed some common ones in “6 Reasons To Revise Your Estate Plan As Soon As Possible,” including:

  • If you get divorced, you should change your estate plan to exclude your ex-spouse.
  • If you get re-married, changes need to be made to include your new spouse in your estate plan, especially if you have children from a prior relationship who need to be provided for.
  • If you have another child, it is important to change your plan to make sure that the new child is included.
  • If you have a serious illness or injury, then your estate plan should be reviewed to make sure you can meet your needs.
  • If the tax laws change, consider reviewing your estate plan to determine how the changes could affect your planning.
  • If you receive a large inheritance, then you will want to change your estate plan to reflect your new financial circumstances.

Reference: Forbes (January 2, 2017) “6 Reasons To Revise Your Estate Plan As Soon As Possible

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