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Medicaid is a possibility, if retirement money runs out.  However, the program is aimed at helping the poor.

When many Americans consider the possibility of long-term care in a nursing home and look to insurance, they find that insurance is often difficult to obtain and afford. Medicaid is also a possibility but that needs planning, according to CNBC in “Here’s a surprise source you can tap for long-term care services.”

The big catch with Medicaid is that it is only available for poor people. To be eligible for Medicaid to pay for nursing home care, the patient needs to have limited assets. To get around this problem, patients cannot just give all their assets away to family members when they need to go into a facility. Any such transfers will be deemed fraudulently made and will disqualify them from receiving help.

An elder law attorney can advise you on your options should you be thinking of ways to handle the expense of long-term care.

Reference: CNBC (Feb. 27, 2018) “Here’s a surprise source you can tap for long-term care services.”

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