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The Millennial generation gets a lot of attention and may not be thinking about mortality.

Millennials may want to take a little time to consider mortality, as well as the need for estate plans, according to the Christian Science Monitor in “Millennials, don’t forget estate planning.”

It might seem premature to discuss estate plans with Millennials, because they are young and expect to live for a long time. However, many of them will pass away long before they think they will.

One of the most important things estate planning can do for Millennials is to get them to think about what happens to their belongings and their children after they pass away. Estate planning focuses the mind on how the decisions we make can have a long-term impact on our loved ones.

If done properly, estate planning also gets young people to think about their need to save money for retirement, emergencies, and the possibility they might pass away while they have minor children.

If you are a Millennial, then consider seeking out an estate planning attorney.

Reference: Christian Science Monitor (March 7, 2017) “Millennials, don’t forget estate planning.”

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