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Many of the problems that arise in managing an estate can be avoided by careful planning.

Some of the friction within the family and difficulties in dealing with an estate can go more smoothly, if you know a few things about estate planning and your goals, according to The Register-Guard in “Final farewell needs to fare well.”

If you have no estate plan, no beneficiary designations and no surviving joint owners, your estate will go through probate court. A judge will appoint someone to be your personal representative and your assets will be distributed according to the laws of your state. You and your family will not have any choice in the matter.

If you have created a will, then your estate still has to go through probate. However, you get to decide who your personal representative will be and how your property will be distributed. Being a personal representative can be difficult, so many families need to hire attorneys to help get through the probate process.

A way to avoid this situation is to get a funded revocable living trust. They do not have to go through probate. With a trust you still get to decide who will be in charge of things and how all of your assets will be distributed. It is often the smoothest possible way for your estate to be managed.

An estate planning attorney can advise you in creating a revocable living trust that fits your unique circumstances and your goals.

Reference: The Register-Guard (March 21, 2018) “Final farewell needs to fare well.”

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