last will and testament

The Onion’s satirical article on preparing a will may not be all bad.

The satirical magazine and website The Onion, known for its fake news stories, actually gave some good estate planning advice in its recently published satirical article “How To Prepare A Will.”

The piece starts with “Come to grips with the fact that you, on an actual day in the ever approaching future, will cease having any experiences or sensations whatsoever and will simply not exist for the rest of eternity.” That might be a blunt way to put things, but it is indeed the first step in preparing a will.

You do need to understand that you will not live forever. From that point the piece continues to give good advice for getting a will, including how to determine the distribution of your assets, talking to family, choosing an executor and seeing an attorney.

It even concludes with the important step of having the will notarized.

While The Onion article is satire the reality of the situation is it makes good sense to visit with an estate planning attorney to prepare your will and estate plan.

Reference: The Onion (May 18, 2016) “How To Prepare A Will.”

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