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If the elderly have problems handling their finances, Social Security has a helpful option.

Families sometimes have problems with elderly family members losing the ability to handle their own finances. A general durable power of attorney can help. Social Security also has a program that can help in the situation of receiving their checks, according to Forbes in “The Social Security Program For People With Dementia.”

The program is the Social Security Representative Payee Program.

It allows someone else to receive the benefit checks of a Social Security payee as a representa

For families that know about it and use the program, it can provide a great relief.

Unfortunately, it can be a bit of a challenge if one wants to sign up.

It requires a lot of paperwork to be submitted.

An elder law attorney can advise you if you have any questions on the program.

Reference: Forbes (Sep. 26, 2017) “The Social Security Program For People With Dementia.”

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