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Okay, you can get a will at Walmart but is that really a good idea?

Three Walmart stores in Missouri are now offering legal services through The Law Store, which aims to go nationwide, according to KY3 News in “Now get a divorce, other legal services at Walmart.”

You may be able to save some money by going online to download and purchase a form to create a will but it certainly has its risks because if the form is incorrect or it is filled out incorrectly you can leave quite a legal mess behind for your family.

The Law Store has now taken it a step further by offering wills and other legal services at some Walmart locations but it is unknown how good the wills are that are being made available and if they would consistently hold up in the judicial process.

An estate planning attorney can guide you through the process that fits your needs in your state of residence and your particular circumstances.

Reference: KY3 News (Oct. 14, 2016) “Now get a divorce, other legal services at Walmart.”

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