When we hear the word legacy, many of us think of money left to people and institutions that have come to mean the most to us over the course of our lives. But your legacy is much more than that. It includes your memories, values, wisdom, family history, and more that do not necessarily have […]

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“To ensure a lasting legacy, you need to get your documents in order and have a clear plan for how your wealth will transfer, avoiding taxes and inheritor pitfalls along the way.” Asset distribution is how many estate plans begin, but we can create legacies for generations to come through our estate planning, says Kiplinger […]

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“It’s hard to plan for next week, let alone the future, when our environment, the advice from the experts and indeed the outbreak itself, seems to change on a daily basis.” The fear of the unknown and a sense of loss of control is sending many people to estate planning attorney’s offices to have wills, […]

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“A revocable trust is great for many reasons, but it does NOT protect assets from nursing home expenses.” The question raised in the article “Fact or Fiction: I Can Protect My Assets from a Nursing Home with a Revocable Trust” from New Hampshire Business Review is frequency asked, and the reason for it is understandable. […]

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“The proliferation of digital footprints in our online communities raises demand for consumer tools and options for dealing with digital assets upon incapacity and death.” Most people have an extensive network of digital relationships with retailers, financial institutions and even government agencies. Companies and institutions, from household utilities to grocery delivery services, have invested millions […]

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“Seventy-seven percent of respondents in a recent survey said estate and legacy strategies were important for everyone, not just wealthy individuals, yet only 24% said they had taken the basic step of designating beneficiaries for all of their accounts.” Think Advisor reported on a survey conducted by a financial services firm that revealed good news […]

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Continue to support your family and reduce some stress. A legacy is the culmination of our lives stored in the hearts and memories of those we knew and loved. Much of your legacy is how you finish your final years and the support you give your family, according to The Post and Courier in “How […]

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An estate plan can leave you a legacy, as well as protect your heirs from having to make difficult decisions in difficult times. Once again, an entertainer with considerable assets has passed away without an estate plan. The recent passing of Aretha Franklin without a will or trust despite having children shines light on a […]

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The Duchess of Medina Sidonia was clearly not centered around her children. She feuded with them while she was alive and tried to prevent them from receiving any portion of the family archives and legacy. The children have now turned to the Spanish courts in the hopes that a right of inheritance in Spanish law […]

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Cultivating a family legacy is not that different from tending a garden: land with poor prospects, at first glance, has to be coaxed over time –patiently and carefully–until it has a fertile life of its own. Case in point: The Morris family of Pennsylvania, which nursed its garden into an arboretum, an estate that lives […]