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When you think taxes, you might think estate plan.

Since you have already done much of the work when you gather the financial material needed for taxes, you might consider following up filing by setting up an estate plan or updating your current plan, according to CTV News in “The mistakes of not having a will.

To do your taxes, you have to get out many of your financial documents. You have also been thinking about how much money you have and where it is all located. Doing those things is one of the main steps to getting an estate plan.

You could put all of your financial documents away and think about other things. However, if you later decided to do estate planning, you will have to start all over again.

Why not just go ahead and get an estate plan now, while things are still on your mind?

Contact an estate planning attorney for guidance on creating your own plan to meet your unique circumstances.

Reference: CTV News (March 21, 2017) “The mistakes of not having a will.”

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