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Bikers in Texas can take final ride in an unusual hearse.

A hearse designed to appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts is drawing attention in a Texas town, according to Everything Lubbock in “A Unique ‘Last Ride’.”

While the basic design of hearses has not changed much, Derek Dunn of Lubbock, Texas had a different idea and created a hearse that resembles a motorcycle.

The hearse pulls a platform behind it that carries the casket, which is in the open air.

This is a continuation of the larger trend to personalize funerals and memorials. More and more people are choosing to include more personal touches in their funerals, instead of sticking with the traditional ceremony.

If the trend continues, stories similar to the motorcycle hearse article can be expected.

Reference: Everything Lubbock (June 27, 2017) “A Unique ‘Last Ride’.”

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