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People forgotten by history get stories told by brothers who visit their graves.

Brothers who banter about the lives of some people forgotten by history could soon be coming to your television, according to The New York Times in “Like ‘Car Talk,’ but With Dead People.”

New York brothers Vincent and Robert Gardino are using their unusual hobby to develop a television show for PBS that will feature the two of them visiting the graves of people all over the country. The proposed name for the show is “Grave Trippers.”

The brothers have developed a lively banter when they visit these graves and discuss the lives of the deceased between themselves.

While at first glance this might not sound like an interesting show, the brothers are being compared to the brothers on NPR’s Car Talk.

If their banter is that lively and entertaining, this show could be a good watch for anyone interested in history and the lives of people in the past.

It should also have plenty of discussion about the historical graves themselves and presumably what happened to the people’s possessions when they passed away, if there is anything interesting about the estates.

Reference: New York Times (Sep. 21, 2017) “Like ‘Car Talk,’ but With Dead People.”

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