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If a spouse passes away unexpectedly, the financial challenges can make the situation even worse.

If a spouse passes away and they were the one who handled the finances, the widow or widower may face an additional challenge. However, they should not let financial issues bother them too much, according to the Green Bay Press Gazette in “Financial planning tips for navigating loss of a loved one.”

The truth is that most financial decisions are not nearly as urgent or important as they are often made out to be. Widows and widowers should put off making such decisions at least until they have had a chance to properly mourn the loss of a spouse.

Financial decisions do not have to be made alone either. If an attorney is helping with the estate administration, the attorney can make sure that all necessary estate financial matters are taken care of and suggest a professional to help with other things.

Reference: Green Bay Press Gazette (March 9, 2018) “Financial planning tips for navigating loss of a loved one.”

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