last will and testament

There are many false impressions out there about creating an estate plan. However, it actually does not have to be challenging.

Estate planning does not have to be difficult to accomplish, according to The New York Times in “What It Was Like To Finally Write My Will.”

The author of the piece discovered that creating his will was not very difficult at all. The key thing that he did was to get a recommendation for an attorney from a friend. He then went to that attorney and told the attorney what he wanted to do.

The attorney discussed the options and the author was able to work with the attorney to determine what the best plan would be for his specific circumstances. The attorney then wrote the plan down formally and the author just needed to go back to the attorney’s office a few weeks later to formally sign the will and everything was done.

Carefully choosing an estate planning attorney often makes the process very simple.

Reference: New York Times (April 3, 2018) “What It Was Like To Finally Write My Will.”

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