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Your estate plan can become unworkable unless you follow some simple steps.

After you have worked with an estate planning attorney to create a good plan, your work is not quite completed as recently explain in the article published by Reading Eagle in “Office Space: 4 steps to a perfect estate plan.”

To make sure that your estate plan will work you still need to:

  • Make sure the people who have important roles in your estate plan are aware of those roles. For example, if you have a power of attorney and/or a health care proxy, then you need to let each designated person know about it so he or she understands what to do should anything happen to you.
  • Let your family in on your plans so they know what is going on and who needs to do what. You do not necessarily need to tell them everything, but they should at least know where to look when the appropriate time comes.
  • Do not keep old financial documents you no longer need for any reason. You do not want your family to waste time trying to track down old accounts that no longer exist after you pass away.
  • Make sure to periodically review your estate plan and keep it up to date with any changes in your circumstances or the circumstances of your heirs and beneficiaries.

Create a good estate plan with your attorney and then follow through.

Reference: Reading Eagle (Aug. 30, 3016) “Office Space: 4 steps to a perfect estate plan

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