Wills trusts and estates covered

Creating an estate plan can be easy. However, there are many opportunities to fail.

The ease of writing your own will or downloading some forms from the Internet can make you jump to the conclusion that you don’t need professional assistance. There are many reasons why you really need an attorney, according to the Huntsville Item in “Do you really need an estate planning attorney?“.

Those reasons include:

  • The estate planning attorney knows about property law and how different types of property are handled differently by courts. If you do not get this correct in your will, your estate can face difficulties.
  • There are different types of estate planning documents that do different things. Estate planning attorneys can help you pick the right ones for your unique circumstances.
  • Estate taxes are still a concern at the federal level for many people and in several states. A professional is needed to properly plan around them.
  • The attorney can also help craft your estate plan in a way that complements your other financial goals, often including paying less in taxes.

An estate planning attorney can advise you on creating an estate plan that fits your specific circumstances.

Reference: The Huntsville Item (May 21, 2018) “Do you really need an estate planning attorney?

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