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If you don’t have a will, you’re not alone. You’re actually in the company of the majority of adult Americans and some decidedly wealthy deceased celebrities — a Supreme Court Justice, a rock star and even a princess among them. But your “last words” on your death bed won’t be the final say on your estate matters – so plan now!

What comes to mind when you think of a person’s last words? Likely, you picture some dramatic utterances made while someone is on his or her death bed. However, whatever a person might say in that situation is not the last thing that we will hear from him or her.

After someone passes away, we will hear his or her estate plan, or lack thereof.

It can be just as dramatic and create as many lasting memories as any dying utterances.

Look for an upcoming article in the New Hampshire Magazine titled “Don’t put off writing down your last words.”

As the article explains, most Americans do not even have a basic will.

One reason given is that younger people tend to think that they have plenty of time to do their estate planning later. Even many young parents do this.

Against this backdrop, the article explains in detail why this is a bad idea.

In short, you can never know when you will pass away. You cannot know whether or not you really do have time to make your estate plan later.

Instead of putting things off, visit an estate planning attorney as soon as possible.

A properly prepared estate plan is the only way to ensure that your last words are ones you want to leave behind.

Reference: New Hampshire Magazine (May 2015) “Don’t put off writing down your last words.”

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