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A trust can solve a lot of problems, if you are the primary provider and pass away.

A good way to make sure your family gets the money they need to meet bills and expenses after you are gone, is to avoid probate, according to The New York Times in “Life After Your Death? Why You Should Have a Trust.”

You could take out a life insurance policy for your family. That will give them money quickly after you pass away that does not have to go through probate. However, life insurance premiums can be expensive.

A cheaper and easier option may be to consult with an estate planning attorney and have a revocable trust prepared for you. With a trust, you can appoint someone who will be in charge of trust assets after you pass away. That person can act immediately to see that your family has what it needs to meet any expenses.

If you ever need or want to make changes to the trust, you can easily do so because the trust is revocable. The trust can be dissolved and a new one created at any time before you pass away.

An estate planning attorney can advise you in creating an estate plan that fits your unique circumstances and could include a revocable trust.

Reference: New York Times (March 22, 2018) “Life After Your Death? Why You Should Have a Trust.”

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