Family Pulling Party Favors During Christmas Dinner

“It’s a common occurrence. Far flung family members return home to visit elderly relatives for the holidays. Upon arrival, they notice that things seem … off. A look in the refrigerator finds expired foods and an elderly relative is asking the same questions repeatedly. The same person who would never let you walk into the […]

Happy old couple

“During retirement or before, you probably did all the financial planning along with the legal paperwork. Have you also thought about personal choices as you age and the options ahead?” If you don’t have a personal plan for yourself, you may wish you had given it some thought when and if you come to an […]

doctor with female patient

A “cost of care” survey reveals high annual expenditures for care. People are often unaware of the fact that health insurance and Medicare will pay little, if any, of the costs of long-term care, according to the New Hampshire Business Review in “The dilemma of long-term care“. Some families may try to care for a […]

Elder Couple with Bills

It may not be the best time when the pressure is on. However, read the contract and get some advice. If you are preparing to move to a retirement community or care community yourself, it is best to read that fine print very carefully and better yet, get some legal advice before signing, according to […]

senior couple talking

The older one gets, the more expensive the insurance becomes, that is, if it is still available. The possibility of needing long-term care insurance can be a thought that one would like to avoid. However, the truth is it should be discussed and taken into consideration in retirement planning, according to CNBC in “Plan ahead […]