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“Advocates are celebrating an important victory for individuals who provide care for their parents at home. The new decision will likely lead to a substantial expansion in the number of homes transferred to those caregivers.” A New Jersey Appellate Division recently reaffirmed the state’s regulation that allows older adults to transfer their homes to adult […]

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“When you’re planning to divide your estate unequally, explain the reasons to your heirs, and remember: They might be hurt anyway.” Leaving an equal amount to adult children works for many families, but equal is not always equitable. In those cases, leaving different amounts to heirs can lead to irreparable breaks within the family. A […]

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“Each year, senior citizens lose billions of dollars to financial fraud, with the loss to individual victims averaging tens of thousands of dollars.” The extended isolation and loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic is creating the perfect storm for financial exploitation of seniors, who are unable to visit with family members and friends, reports Fredericksburg Today […]

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“To ensure animals’ well-being, you should pick a caregiver and set up paperwork, funding.” Currently, 67% of American households own at least one pet, and many people now consider long-term planning for them just as important as they would for two-legged family members, says The Atlanta Journal Constitution in the article “When you’re gone, what […]

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“As we approach our 70s, we feel like we have everything covered. We don’t have long-term care insurance, but with the income we have off the farm and with our savings, we feel pretty comfortable. Is0’ everything we have enough?” A family has set up their estate plan. Two sons are already in the farming […]

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“Your will may be the most important document you’ll ever write. The problem is, after many of us draft one, we put it somewhere for safekeeping and don’t look at it again. That can be a big mistake.” Lives change, and laws change. People come and go in our lives, through birth, death, marriage and […]

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“The fact many people need both types of services, home care and home health, contributes to the confusion.” Many people use the terms “home care” and “home health” interchangeably, which can cause confusion when you try to find funding for these services. This article will try to help you understand the difference between home health […]

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What happens to the caregiver when your loved one is gone? Providing care for another adult can be difficult, because the caregiver often puts their life on hold.  They may find themselves facing a new challenge later, according to the AARP Bulletin in “What Happens When Caregiving Ends?” The article concerns a 65-year old woman […]

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You may have to take care of your parents in later life and it’s best to prepare one step at a time. Life starts out with your parents taking care of you but often that scenario changes and you end up caring for your parents. Sometimes preparing for that situation is easy but not always, […]

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It can be expensive for you and you might want to talk to other family members about the finances. The primary caregiver for an elderly family member needs to go into the position knowing it will be costly to them as well, according to The Motley Fool in “The High Cost of being an Elderly […]