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“Estate planning is a crucial part of any holistic financial plan, and financial advisors often work with estate planning attorneys for guidance in this area.” Everyone wins when estate planning attorneys, financial advisors and accounting professionals work together on a comprehensive estate plan. Each of these professionals can provide their insights when helping you make […]

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“When you hear the word trust fund, you might think of the uber-wealthy giving their kids a big chunk of cash on their 25th birthday. However, trust funds aren’t just for the rich.” A trust fund is an estate planning tool that can be used by anyone who wishes to pass their property to individuals, […]

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“A revocable trust is great for many reasons, but it does NOT protect assets from nursing home expenses.” The question raised in the article “Fact or Fiction: I Can Protect My Assets from a Nursing Home with a Revocable Trust” from New Hampshire Business Review is frequency asked, and the reason for it is understandable. […]

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“Parents may delay creating an elder law estate plan, because of the in-law issue. Some parents are unfortunately estranged from an adult child, only because of the problematic son-in-law or daughter-in-law.” Let’s say you want to leave everything you own to your children, but you can’t stand and don’t trust their spouses. That might make […]

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“It is also important to realize that it isn’t merely ‘why’ you are updating your will, but ‘when’ you are updating that can make all the difference.” Estate planning lawyers hear it all the time—people meaning to update their will, but somehow never getting around to actually getting it done. The only group larger than […]

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“What should you do with the money in your 401(k), when you leave your job?” Your first instinct when leaving a job, for retirement or a new opportunity, may be to take your money with you, by rolling it into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). That may not be such a bad idea. However, keep […]

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Prince did not leave a will and many, many relatives showed up to stake a claim. Not having a will can create some difficult situations for your loved ones and some of them are not expected, according to Arizona Central in “Here’s why you don’t want to die without leaving a will“. For example, in […]

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An estate planning attorney can guide you through the process … with or without probate. Financial and family situations are often challenging, as you work to protect your assets, privacy and family peace. You have to deal with state laws, federal laws and the word “probate” but it isn’t always a bad word, according to […]

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Sharing ownership of your home with your child to avoid probate is still a bad idea. Joint tenancy of your home with your child quickly becomes a bad idea when the child has a creditor who can attach the home to pay off the child’s debts, according to the Napa Valley Register in “Can new […]

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Creditors often have to file a claim in order to collect a debt. Creditors who learn a debtor has passed away need to file a claim against the estate, which may include a trust, according to the NWI Times in “Filing claims against a trust.” Depending on the state, filing a claim against a trust […]