If you are a veteran, a veteran’s surviving spouse or a veteran’s surviving dependent in need of additional income, the Non-Service Connection Pension offered through the Department of Veterans Affairs may be just for you. Are you a surviving spouse or a dependent of a veteran, or even a veteran yourself? If you could use some extra […]


When you really think of it, who is better equipped to serve your interests under such dire circumstances than you yourself? Estate planning is not meant to be something done solely in the last chapter of life. Think of it as a plan for all the chapters of your life—a plan that you should start […]


The new tool, developed by researchers from Italy’s University of Milan, could provide doctors with a more objective method that gauges the complexity of a patient’s consciousness. Advances in brain science keep us informed and help us better understand how the brain functions. And when it comes to making end-of-life plans, the more we know […]

senior couple talking

The number of adults caring for someone with a serious health problem is on the rise and is likely to continue growing as the population ages. It is not uncommon for someone to take on the task of caring for an aging parent or relative in their elderly years. But what are the true costs […]

Doctor Examining an Elderly Patient

These days, patients are often transferred from a hospital to a nursing home to recover. But, then, some never leave. “The only thing I worried about was not getting out,” Holmes says now. She kept asking her husband and one daughter: “‘You’re not going to keep me here are you?’” Your elderly loved ones may […]

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Weird berries. Capsules of unpronounceable supplements. Yoga or tai chi. Crossword puzzles. Such amulets, we’re told, may ward of disability — which is the real fear that accompanies aging, isn’t it? Not the sheer number of years that will have passed, but the things we’ll no longer be able to do. Lifespans are becoming much […]