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Women confess they buried their father five years ago.

Two sisters in Florida claimed they found their dad dead in the house, then panicked and buried him in the yard, according to FOX News in “Officials: Daughters confess to burying father, 94, in yard.”

The two women confessed to authorities that they buried their 94-year-old father, who had previously been reported missing by his brother, in his yard five years ago. Law enforcement discovered the body after receiving a tip that body was buried at the house.

The sisters have been referred to the state’s attorney general’s office for investigation of possible crimes of which there could be several, such as improperly disposing of human remains.

Various financial crimes are also a possibility if they used their father’s bank accounts or if he was receiving Social Security benefits they used.

It is not clear why the sisters panicked and did not call authorities when they discovered their father had passed away, but it obviously raises suspicion.

Needless to say, if you find a family member has passed away, do not bury the body. Call authorities. Not doing so is against the law and could almost be considered elder abuse.

Reference: FOX News (Oct.21, 2016) “Officials: Daughters confess to burying father, 94, in yard.”

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