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“One of the most dramatic scenes in the movie, is the gathering of the Thrombey Family at their father’s estate to hear the reading of the will.” One of the recent surprise hit movies has been the murder mystery Knives Out, with a star-studded cast that includes Jamie Lee Curtis, Daniel Craig and Chris Evans. […]

Holding Hands with Elderly Patient

“In addition to the assault on the resident’s dignity and the administration of drugs without informed consent, the misuse of anti-psychotic drugs can kill a senior, particularly one who suffers from dementia.” Nursing homes are supposed to administer prescribed medications to residents. Appropriate use of these substances can treat illness and improve the quality of […]

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A real-life problem when long-lost relatives show up. A trustee and only beneficiary of her mother’s trust explained her difficulties when her long-lost sister suddenly showed up toward the end of her mother’s life, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel in the article “It’s never too early to disinherit children“. After disappearing for decades, her […]

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Claiming to be from Social Security may give scammers a better chance of getting your assets. Federal authorities say they have seen a number of scammers move away from claiming to be IRS agents to claiming to be from Social Security, according to The New York Times in “Latest Rash of Calls Come From ‘Social […]

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Predatory marriages are on the increase and one state works toward a solution. A predatory marriage, which is when one party is lacking capacity and is exploited by another party into a marriage, is a form of elder financial abuse, according to the New York Law Journal in “Predatory Marriages and the Elderly: A Legislative […]

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Scam artist targets woman who is grieving for her husband. Scammers work on the easiest targets, so senior citizens are often their targets in hopes they will catch them off guard at their weakest moments, according to Newsday in “Nassau, Suffolk police warn of phone scammers posing as officials”. The article details the experiences of […]

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Early signs of the loss of a customer’s mental agility may be recognized by banking personnel. New federal legislation gives banks and financial institutions new tools to join in the efforts to halt the ever-growing problem of elder financial abuse, according to The Wall Street Journal in “Banks Monitor Older Customers for Cognitive Decline“. Financial […]

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You cannot control the action of an adult child, but you can prepare for it. No matter how close family members may be, they do not always agree with your viewpoints and that can create some real problems in later years. However, those problems can be avoided, according to “Aging parents can protect against unwanted […]

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The new law goes a long way in protecting the elderly from the increasing threat of scams. Elder financial abuse is very costly totaling billions of dollars annually, as well as taking a heavy emotional toll on the elderly as the scams become more sophisticated, according to Forbes in “After SAFE Act Passage, The Battle […]

Holding Hands with Elderly Patient

The government continues its campaign to fight the financial abuse of the elderly in U.S. with a joint webcast by federal agencies. The government has increased its efforts in recent years to combat the financial abuse of the growing elderly population in the U.S. Despite these efforts, many people believe that elder abuse is still […]