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Families are often silent about what should happen if a parent becomes terminally ill or when a parent passes away.

It is generally taken into consideration within a family that a parent will some day pass away. However, it is not often discussed how painful this can be for the children, even adult children. Parents do not generally talk to their children about what they want to happen when they are ill or deceased. However, things would go a lot better if they did, according to Forbes in “Talking To Your Kids About Your Dying Wishes.”

You can make things a lot easier for your children by letting them know a few things. Talk to your kids about what you want to happen if you are ever terminally ill and on life support. Children need to know whether you would like to stay on life support or not. Tell your children about what your funeral wishes are and if you have made any arrangements. It is also a good idea to talk to your children about what is supposed to happen to your property after you pass away.

The more your children know what to expect, the less likely they are to fight between themselves. The conversation with your children does not need to be long or contentious. It is not a difficult conversation to have at all.

Reference: Forbes (May 15, 2018) “Talking To Your Kids About Your Dying Wishes.”

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