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“Regardless of the pandemic, experts say it’s important to plan for when you’re not here—that is, give thought to what would happen to your bank accounts, your home and your belongings, as well as, perhaps, your dependents.” As the coronavirus continues to sweep across through the U.S. and the death tolls continue to rise, many […]

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“Estate planning can come in a variety of forms, from basic beneficiary designations when you open a bank or brokerage account to more complex and comprehensive plans.” The key reason for estate planning is to create a plan directing where your assets will go after you die. The ultimate goal is for wealth and real […]

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“COVID-19 is quickly becoming the leading cause of death in the United States. As of today, Indiana has over 37,000 cases of COVID-19 and over 2,100 deaths. That is why articulating your wishes regarding end-of-life health care, is more important than ever.” The number of Americans who have died in the last few months because […]

extended family

It is a scary topic and easy to decide to avoid the issue. If you make end-of-life decisions ahead of time, it can really turn out to be a kindness to family and friends who won’t have to make those difficult decisions, according to the Flagstaff Business News in “Easing the End-of-Life Transition with Advance […]

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Not having a long-term care plan can put your family at financial risk. A government report estimates a vast majority of those over 65 will end up needing long-term care. However, many people do not have plans to meet the expenditures, according to Westfair Online in “Keybank poll reveals clients aren’t planning for long term […]

Holding Hands with Elderly Patient

What measures would you like carried out, if health issues arise and you can’t speak for yourself? A very important conversation to have with your loved ones is what type of care you would like should a health crisis arise. While it most likely will not be your favorite conversation, it is important that you […]

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If the topic of medical directives has not come up within the family and there has been no discussion, then do it now. Medical directives and other estate planning documents need to be kept up to date as the years pass by, according to the Watertown Public Opinion in “Keep medical directives up to date“. […]

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Some issues are not easy to approach for discussion. However, they are necessary. With holidays upon us, it is perhaps a good time to have a conversation with your parents about long-term care and other aging issues, according to News3LV in “Tough talks over turkey: Is it time to have “The Talk” with your parents?“. […]

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It may be a tough conversation to create an Advanced Directive. However, it can give you peace of mind. While it may be difficult to come to conclusions needed to create an Advanced Directive, it is really a good idea to have one when you reach the age of majority, according to The Herald News in […]

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Families are often silent about what should happen if a parent becomes terminally ill or when a parent passes away. It is generally taken into consideration within a family that a parent will some day pass away. However, it is not often discussed how painful this can be for the children, even adult children. Parents […]