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“The number of elder abuse reports continues to increase slightly every year,” said Jill Berntson, social services chief for the state’s Aging and Disability Services Division for Elder Rights.

Are you or someone you love a victim of elder abuse?

According to a recent Las Vegas Review-Journal article, titled “Elder abuse underreported, on rise in Nevada,” in the first quarter of the current fiscal year, there were 2,839 reports of elder abuse in the Silver State opened for investigation by the state agency. Consequently, abuse was found in 24% of those cases.

A total of 5,562 elder abuse reports were investigated in Nevada during fiscal 2013, and 28% of those cases were substantiated. Poor treatment, discharge, and eviction from care facilities, along with medication issues were the most frequent complaints from the elderly to the state agency. About 82% of those substantiated cases involved people living in their own homes, while 18% involved those living in a facility setting. In addition, 35% involved abuse committed by adult children. Other factors include self-neglect and abuse by a care provider or neighbor.

Unfortunately, the research shows that for every case reported five go unreported, says the social services manager for Elder Protective Services in Las Vegas in the Review-Journal article.

The statistics cited in the Review-Journal article are not unique to the State of Nevada. In cities and towns around the country, there are similar numbers of reported elder abuse cases. To find out how to prevent elder abuse or what to do if you believe you are or have been a victim, contact an elder law attorney to discuss what steps you should take to get the assistance and care you need.

Reference: Las Vegas Review-Journal (April 28, 2014) “Elder abuse underreported, on rise in Nevada

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