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Law students at The University of Nebraska’s College of Law are helping military veterans with estate planning in a special clinic that gives the veterans help with wills and other documents while giving law students practical experience. More than fourteen veterans have received free counseling, and it is hoped that the Veterans Advanced Directive Clinic will grow.

Ryan Sullivan, a professor at the University of Nebraska’s College of Law who is involved with its clinics, was quoted in a Lincoln Journal Star article about a heart-warming legal clinic at the law school. In “University of Nebraska law students help veterans with estate planning, wills and more“, he describes the Advanced Directive Clinic, where law students help veterans with estate planning and end of life documents.  Students are eager to put their skills to work, and veterans appreciate having these necessary documents properly prepared.

These newly-created documents are immediately scanned into the Veterans Affairs’ database, so that they can be accessed by doctors across the United States.

Sullivan remarked that the vets have done so much for the country through their service.  He thought this was a good way to teach law students about the sacrifices the veterans have made and to give them help that they need.

One of the law students in the Advanced Directive Clinic said that the veterans who were helped expressed relief to have this settled. They don’t have to worry about what might happen in the future if they didn’t have a will or other necessary documents.

The College of Law’s professor of clinical practice Kevin Ruser said the success of the first law clinic for veterans could mean more clinics in partnership with the VA. With ten veterans on a waiting list, the initial group of three students who worked at the clinic this summer could easily grow to five students later this year. Each law student would handle three clients.

These law students have been a great help to these veterans with the basics, but more complex issues need the expertise of practicing attorneys who specialize in estate planning. Contact an estate planning attorney to discuss your circumstances.

Reference: Associated Press (Lincoln Journal Star) (August 1, 2015) “University of Nebraska law students help veterans with estate planning, wills and more

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