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Rooney helped draw attention to the hidden and underreported crimes associated with elder abuse through his unique role as a high-profile and victim of abuse while still retaining a clear ability to testify and completely comprehend his affairs.

With a career of more than 300 films, Mickey Rooney’s biggest role may have been when he testified in front of Congress in 2011 about the issue of elder abuse crimes. A recent IBN article, titled “Mickey Rooney’s Elder Dispute May Help Protect Millions,” notes that elder abuse is a category of negligence that is related to a variety of types of abuse.

The types include physical, financial, emotional, neglect, and sexual abuse. There are really no accurate statistics because of the inability to report by many victims and a general reluctance or concern for the abuser. According to the article, the vast majority of abusers are likely family members or other caregivers. Some agencies believe that only one in 15 cases is reported, and others, such as those in southern Florida, say the numbers are much more drastic.

What can you do?

If you or your loved one suspects some type of elder abuse, contact an attorney who specializes in this area of legal representation. An elder law attorney can listen to all of your information and decide the best course of action, making sure that the senior’s care and well-being are the highest priority.

Elder abuse is a growing concern in America. Don’t let someone you love (including yourself!) become a statistic. Speak to an elder law attorney today.

Reference: IBN (April 08, 2014) “Mickey Rooney’s Elder Dispute May Help Protect Millions

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