Doctor Examining an Elderly Patient

New Hampshire may put elder abuse cases on the fast track.

While suspected elder abuse is being investigated and going through the legal system, the abuse can continue. However, some New Hampshire legislators are working on solving the problem, according to Seacoast Online in “House bill would help elder victims of financial abuse.”

The idea is to create a fast track for disabled people and the elderly to get legal relief, similar to how victims of domestic violence can get protective orders. Some elderly victims do currently qualify for domestic violence protective orders but not all.

The process varies from state to state. However, all states have some sort of process, whereby a domestic violence victim can get a quick protective order from a judge for immediate relief. Giving the same level of protection to victims of elder abuse would speed up the process greatly and hopefully prevent the abuse from continuing.

An elder law attorney can advise you if you have any questions about your state laws and suspected elder abuse.

Reference: Seacoast Online (March 17, 2018) “House bill would help elder victims of financial abuse.”

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